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From the bèta version in summer 2008 until now, a thankful wife.
Max Hasker
Leeuwarden, Friesland

We have several Karma licenses and we LOVE your software.
Todd Farris
ZimZam Entertainment
Spanish Fork, Utah

Also, I just want to say that I applaud your genius. Your software is amazing. Even someone as challenged as I am can learn and use it fairly easily. You have opened up the world of music/singing to countless people who may have never had the chance to sing, or who have sung with live bands (as I did) and grew old and gave it up. Because of your program, I started singing again and have had a ball. The many people I kj for at private parties in my home and neighborhood thank you. I thank you.
Melanie Beachy
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Karma is the best!
Wayne Buchkowski
Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada

LOVE your karma software, my karaoke show is stronger than ever!
Ruben Torres
Kansas City, Missouri

This is something that is now essential to running a safe covid secure karaoke night. The Karma software and its accompanying suite of applications is still in my opinion the best on the market. I've tried others but always come back to Karma. It makes everything so simple and easy to manage.
Carl Shipman
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

There is nothing out there that comes close to your product.
Danny Hodges
West Jefferson, North Carolina

BTW, I love this software and have converted several other KJs to it!!!! 
James R Waters
Joliet, Illinois

...and wanted to send you a positive that you deserve for a well done prog [Karma]. It's been the best program I've ever worked with in all the years I've been doing music (31 years now)
Victor & Claudette Kol
Regina, SK, Canada

I've come to you with issues that were a bit confusing stressful twice now and both times you've been extremely quick to respond and helpful. I just wanted to take a second to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all you do. I want to say a very heart-felt thank you to you and your staff for easing my mind and better understanding this phenomenal product you've created!!!!!
Alex Henderson
DJ Alex
Indianapolis, Indiana

I just wanted to take a moment and say "Thank you" to you for creating Karaosoft and the wonderful Karma program. I used Virtual DJ in the past and while it's great in its own right...it has way too many bells and whistles for running a karaoke show. I really love Karma and the ease of use in one amazing program. Thank you!
Raith Kell
Discord and Rhyme Karaoke
New Windsor, New York

Most Excellent! Your product and support beats the others (Compuhost, siglos, ....) hands down!
Michael Kirchner
Commerce City, Colorado

I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank you SO MUCH for being conscientious enough NOT to foist off on us one of the many browser add-ons or interminable toolbars that are attached to so many popular software installations these days. In a world that is becoming more and more cluttered with these "hidden-ware" and "bloatware" hitchhikers, Latshaw/Karaosoft stands out as one of the software house that doesn't participate in this obnoxious practice. I salute you!
Rich Gierman
Thonotosassa, Florida

...and let me just add that I love the software...I was a customer of MTU-Hoster forever and switched in April to Karma. Thanks again.
Harold Summitt
Addicted 2 Karaoke
Louisville, Kentucky

I bought the SongbooksLive. Used it last night. I`m lovin' it and my Karaoke People are as well!!!! Great Job Guys!!!!
Dennis Brickey
DB`s Music and Karaoke
St. Peters, Missouri

I'm very impressed with your products so far. Very efficient programming (as a programmer I appreciate that). The three apps have already saved me weeks of work.
Frank Kubin
Putnam Valley, New York

Thank you for an awesome set of tools. Over the holidays I cleaned up my library, printed new books, and synched up drives across rigs, all with your tools. Literally saved me DAYS of work.
Chris Avis
Feel Good Productions
Redmond, Washington

This software just literally saved me about a month of typing!
Brett Friedman
Strictly Fun, Inc.
Glenview, Illinois

I so love your software, I bought the whole three. You are so clever. Thank You.
Liane Garrick
Rock Hard Entertainment Pty Ltd.

You folks are amazing. I research the web every few months (out of curiosity), and I can tell you that there is nothing on earth "as good" let alone "better" than each and all of your apps for the karaoke jockey. God bless you, and thank you.
Jason Slade
Baytown, Texas

Very nice intuitive software - even my non-computer literate husband figured out how to use the software without reading the help file!! That is saying a lot! Powerful and easy to use, I like it....
Floann Yoerg
Cottrellville, Michigan

Downloaded the newest version of Karma and needed to say...YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I have used so many different players for Dj and Karaoke. Karma is the best system period. It's as if you went into the heads of all Kj's and picked the best way to just get the job done....Thank You
Luis Machado
Mesa, Arizona

You guys are fantastic. I have never been more satisfied with any program, Karma is the best and your support is unbelievable. Thank you so much.
Thomas Schweitzer
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I just wanted to say that is one awesome piece of software. It's like the holy grail of karaoke file management.
John Alexander, Eclipse Entertainers
Morgantown, Pennsylvania

..and I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM..!!! I used it tonight for the first time and it was amazing..easy and fun...
Larry Johnson
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

One of the best things about Karma is we haven't had the need to contact anyone for technical support. The software is very user friendly and just about anyone can operate it after watching for a few minutes. We use ours for private functions, but have recommended it to a new coffee house in area. We don't miss the crashes, freezing and other issues we had with our last software that was engineered for DJ's and adapted to karaoke!
Steve and Tina Piccone
Mauriceville, Texas

Thank you very much for being so understanding and helpful! I can't say enough about how happy I am with your products, your tech support and your personal and prompt replies to requests! I know your company is going to be very successful(as it probably is already) but I hope you never lose that 'small' business feel. It's very refreshing!!
Lisa Elder
Redding, California

The package rocks. I've used several different Karaoke packages over the years and yours is the best layout. It takes me five minutes or so to train someone on it.
Curtis David / The Sheik
Monet Entertainment
East Providence, Rhode Island

Just wanted to say that your software is by far the best for Karaoke Management that I have seen in my career of PC-Based Hosting! I will and have recommended your products to all of my associate DJ's in my area! Keep up the good work!
Christopher Means, TaTERWuLF Entertainment Group
San Diego, California

I decided to try something with more features and having a rotation and history is very important. Well Done!! I am totally impressed and completely pleased with your product! Thanks for your contribution to this industry!
Dave "DC" Meredith, DC Productions
Charleston, Illinois

Thank you... For producing the best and easiest Karaoke software on the market. I have just spent a hell fortnight comparing other products and then I found yours. My mind is made up. Karma is the best.
Jon Hinfelaar
Musical Entertainer
Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

I really love all your products. I refer all my DJs to it as often as I can and emphasize how important it is to have your company as a partner in business.  You pretty much have solved most, if not all karaoke issues that I have encountered over the years.
James Lupo
Black Tie Entertainment
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

So very cool! Besides bringing my KJ Presentation to a new level - you keep raising the bar - this makes your system a real bargain.
Sterling Hubbell
Riverside, California

Great software all around!
Joe Bellavia
Roselle, Illinois

Hi, just wanted to say, I’m really loving your software. It’s easy to use, fast, and people are amazed that I remember what exact songs they sang from the previous week. You really have created a great product.
Kurt Hadermann
Sound Extreme Entertainment
Kansas City, Missouri

I have just started to use a laptop system from the old disc systems, and must say your product was by far the best I evaluated. I went live last week and our singers were very happy with the results. Congratulations on a superb set of products.
Mike Yates, Crown Karaoke
Rochester, United Kingdom

I've used several PC karaoke programs in the past and by far, Karma is the best. I anticipate each update due to additional features and bug fixes as needed. Thank you for such a dependable and trusted product.
Bert Lindsay
Magical Music / 2010 ADJA NC Chapter President
Morganton, North Carolina

The software is revolutionary by the way...most excellent!!!
Jeffery Carlson
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Fantastic software, excellent technical help and genuinely nice people. Best money we've ever spent!!
Sheila Bell
Loanhead, Scotland

Hi just downloaded the new karma. I have to say i been using it for a while now. It is very good. This new one is great. Please pass on this message that for karaoke this is a work of art well done.
John Fagan
Big John's Karaoke & DJ Party Ireland
Carlow, Lenster, Ireland

First I would like to say how much I enjoy using Karma for hosting my shows. Setup was extremely easy and ease of operation is wonderful. Updating the database is very quick and the being able to pick a different version of the song playing on-the-fly is GREAT! Keep up the great work!
William Mapp, 4M Karaoke
Rathdrum, Idaho

Thanks much! Your File Manager and Song List Generator are absolutely fantastic. It's a great way to keep organized and consistant. And the FREE song request slips (with my business logo) is an added plus!
Joe Bellavia
Roselle, Illinois

I purchased two licenses for Karma yesterday. Loved the software, used it live last night at both karaoke shows and was very pleased. Karma is now my choice for all my karaoke shows.
Rick Good, Sounds Good! Mobile Entertainment
Raleigh, North Carolina

Several of our friends have karaoke in their homes but they all prefer to come to our house to do their thing. Karma makes it all go better.
Charles McCullough
Thayer, Missouri

Above all I want to congratulate them for the Karma Karaoke Management. It is a simple but effective sofware! It is evident that you have much "common sense". My family and I thank it to you because we like to sing karaoke.
Alejandro Pascual

I have several thousand zip files to edit and your software is hands down the best I looked at.
Craig Brown
Fort Pierce, Florida

I am very pleased with your software. People in my karaoke shows tell me that your software is up to the next level. I am very pleased with the simplicity of its function. Also one point that is very important...Before, I had people write their songs and names on a post-it which cost me around 25$ a year or more. With your software, people come to me and their name is already in list...just add a song + the pitch and it's set to go. Thanks to genious like you...karaoke is now simple and fun to manage...no more rush and little post-it getting lost somewhere on the floor...no more panic situations.
René Boisvert
Valcourt, Québec, Canada

I am impressed. Your product is the best...I am glad I did a search for a songlist generator and your products came up. I recently added 25,000 karaoke .kma files to my library and you have saved me over $25.00 each in costs in making new books...Just think less the three new books alone payed for your product. Keep the good work up.
Mark Hexamer
Selections Pro DJ/KJ Services
Anderson, Indiana

Wow! A response on a holiday weekend within 30 minutes. I am impressed! I have been recommending this software to fellow KJs in the Dallas area, and this is another example of your impressive service to go with great software.
Dan Gargiulo
Dallas, Texas

I have used every type of karaoke software available and ALL of your products do something that no one else even thought of! You guys are absolutely the greatest innovators in karaoke software that I have ever encountered, and I mean that from the heart.
Roger Drewis
Sarasota, Florida

Your Song List Generator is nothing short of fantastic! The concept of not having to download any lists, and being able to create a songbook simply from the karaoke files on my computer is brilliant. The great looking, customizable books, the ease of use, and the level of customer support received, has made this our best karaoke purchase in years.
DJs Frank & Vicki
F V Entertainment
York, Pennsylvania

I just want to take a minute and let those at Latshaw Systems know how proud I am to use your program. I have been using the program for less than a month and have already received two updates that made it even better than it was when I purchased it. Thank you for the continued effort to give your customers the best product for our money. It's a pleasure to be a customer of Latshaw Systems.
Dennis Murphy
Sevierville, Tennessee

I began using your programs when I found KJ File Manager and was impressed with it, especially the support. I decided to use Karma at the beta stage with promises of upgrades to the program. The promises have been met and surpassed and I never had an interruption in a show due to the program crashing. Any problem I have found has been dealt with within a couple of days. Every kj that I have introduced Karma to was blown away by the ease of use. Bob you have such a knack for writing software for the kj,s you should be proud of what you accomplished.
Bob Friberg
TBO Tunes
Boston, Massachusetts

The best software purchases I have made in years.
Shaun Thomson
Billy Goat Karaoke
Kiama, Australia

You should get the Software Developer of the Year award - if there was one. Amazing product, sure, but your agility in the ongoing development is nothing short of astounding. Terrific application, great job.
Ted O'Malley
TNT Integration
Riverview, Florida

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the many products that have saved me many hours and headaches. I own Song List Generator, and Karma. Both products are amazing. SLG saved me literally weeks, I remember going through thousands of files, trying to delete multiples through Excel. Karma is everything I've ever wanted, and it has the best support ever. Thank you so much for all your products. I will be a continuing customer the rest of my KJ career.
Tammy Jensen
British Columbia, Canada

Can I just say Karma is the best programme for karaoke on the market today, it absolutely rocks, it is simply a joy to use, you guys have thought of everything.
Judy Hadwin
Kirkby Lonsdale, United Kingdom

I just wanted to check in and thank you for creating a great product. Managing a song list that contains over 16,000 titles was a difficult task. One day, we came across a KJ that had a great set of songs books. I spotted the name on the page footer, purchased the product, and never looked back. Thanks again for creating a great product that helps me and my family supplement our income during a tough economy.
DJ Jimmy
Mobile Music Masters
Oakdale, New York

Let me say I am very pleased with your software programs. They blow away everything that is in the market today. Great Job.
Greg Reil
Reil Entertainment Productions
Easthampton, Massachusetts

Your product is by far the easiest to use that I have come across and does everything it says it will - brilliant!
Carol Pedder
United Kingdom

Thanks for all your staff has done. I appreciate that, and as always your products have saved my butt hours and hours.
JT Winquist (aka Madman John Stevens)
Rockford, Illinois

Merci infiniment... c'est très apprécié !
Linda Bergeron
Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Thanks for the quick response. Your software is amazing and so is the customer support. I have a big gig tonight and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to print updated books. You guys rock.
Tony King
Brooklyn, New York

I purchased KJ File Manager and Song List Generator in March 2006. I had heard what great products they were. "Great" is such an understatement. My music library was well over 100k titles and renaming them was a nightmare until I bought these products. I am positive that I have saved myself 95% of the time it would have taken me to do it the traditional way. Now that all of my music is named in a format that I prefer, maintaining my music library is a breeze. As for creating my songbooks..well lets just say that it's so easy, even a caveman can do it. Thanks so much Bob for these super easy, extremely affordable and time saving products. U Da Man!!
Bo & Dena Ganzermiller
Baltimore, Maryland

I purchased KFM and SLG two weeks ago. First I have to say that these programs are absolutely fantastic! I save a lot of time in managing my titles and creating song lists!
Stefan Wimmer
Stefans Karaoke, Germany

Excellent Tool. We used to do a renamer product ourselves but what is the point in using programming time when Latshaw Systems already have it done and dusted.
Paul (Sax) Halse
S & D Software, United Kingdom

I had a daunting task of sorting out almost 25,000 files that were in total confusion. Took me almost three months. It was after words, wouldn't you know, that I found KJ Manager. OMG! What a difference. Not only did it cut the time needed by a fraction, it also found hundreds of mistakes I'd made and corrected them in about three mouse clicks. This program is a "must have" for anyone working with karaoke files. 'Ya just plain gotta have it.
Mark Fleming
Fort Meyers, Florida

Damn, what a program (KJ File Manager). I am so very impressed with this program and all it does. I have about 178,000 plus files and now will be able to get it all properly organized and "looking" good due to this program.
Terry Conner
Alberta, Canada

KJ File Manager is light-years ahead of anything else. This program does everything I need and then some. Song List Generator is also outstanding. Forget all the other apps where you have to input databases from outside sources. This gem just looks at what you own and then pumps out a songbook quicker than anything. I can't recommend these products enough. If you have your own Karaoke/DJ business, you're losing valuable time without theses programs.
Vincent Mendoza
Flipside Productions L.L.C.

I have 120k songs, so, any kind of manual editing is onerous and nearly impossible. This software makes it so much easier. Absolutely INDISPENSABLE tools for the computerized KJ!
Thomas Funari
DiverTunes DJ & Karaoke

I really just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have been looking for an easy way to create a book for about 2 years now. I didn't like any of the others that I tried. Yours is perfect....super easy to use...lots of format options. Good job. Thanks.
Donna Dworak
Superior Sounds DJ and KJ Service
Mechanicville, New York

I have just upgraded to your latest releases on both KJ File Manager and Song List Generator, having been using your software for some time - by far the best value for money on anything I have had to purchase in relation to Karaoke.
L ook
A t
T his
S oftware
H ow
A bsolutely
W onderful
Please keep up your excellent and well appreciated hard work.
Martin Critchley aka MC LEE
United Kingdom

I know I can't say this enough... your software is truly amazing!  It's designed with features that hit the bullseye with what users want. ...Extremely intuitive!
Michael R

I wish I had heard of this program before I typed up my old karaoke books manually using Excel. This makes the presentation and feel of the book much more profesional looking and allows easy song searching for any user. Many thanks.  The program worked brilliantly... Best program ever made.
Daniel Patterson
United Kingdom

Your stuff is the "bomb" if I may say! I can't say enough about the time they have saved me. If anyone has 133,365 cdg+g files like I have and they don't have your programs, that is their loss. The best money I have spent since doing karaoke shows in the past year. The ease of correcting the "conventional naming" requirements of various programs for cdg+mp3 (Zip files) playback on a desktop PC using your programs is above reproach! I want to kick myself in the butt every time I do file corrections for not knowing about your programs sooner. Keep up the good work! I have not encountered any of the problems that cause you to make updates, but keep the updates coming! I am not the type to read "user notes" as I am a "WYSIWYG" type and your programs are more than "user friendly!" Once again, thank you for programs that really work!
Jack Richard
JAM Video Production
Fairfield, California

I love this program(KJ File Manager). Great value for the money.
Michael Krailo
Virginia Beach, Virginia

just wanted to say THANK YOU..... I'm very impressed with your product(KJ File Manager) its exactly what I need It saved me many many hours. Your program is the BEST I have found.
David Williams
United Kingdom

KJ File Manager is FANTASTIC! Try to rename 8000 mp3+g without it!! KJ File Manager is your best friend when working with your karaoke files. It has saved me hundreds of hours. Its fast, stable, functional and easy. KJ File Manager is worth every coin. I also bought Song List Generator. Again.. Just fantastic!! The people at Latshaw Systems really understand what the people wants. They understand that people have custom files, and that we dont want to add these one by one. Especially if we have hundreds of them. Latshaws Song List Generator does the job in ten seconds. THANX! Latshaw system really saved my d...month!
Hein-Espen Solheim
Karaoke Amateur

I want to thank you for putting out great products, upgrading those products as needed, and for the way-above-and-beyond customer service. You are fully tuned in to the needs and wants of todays computer-based KJ. Thank you.
Jeffrey 'Smitty' Smith
Richmond, Virginia

I have never seen a songlist generator that was as fast or easy to use. Who needs an instruction manual? Certainly not your program. Simple, simple, simple. Thanks for a great program.
John Fuller
Ontario, Oregon

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.....I'm absolutely thrilled to death with this....I am finally getting all of my files organized and it has been a breeze. I'm going to tell ALL of my karaoke friends about KJ File Manager.
PJ Arellano
Nashville, Tennessee

A customer of yours and fellow KJ had the opportunity to run the new version on a "very large" database and it functioned flawlessly. He was very impressed. I can't wait to get the time to re-run mine. Great Job! Thanks for giving value for the dollars I spend on utility software.
Bill Nieschalk
Goose Creek, South Carolina

What an amazing product! Thanks for finally cutting my time spent building books to about a quarter of the time and less than half the cost to do them. I will be a long time proponent of this truly outstanding product!
Eric Osterhout, Chief Entertainment Officer
BlackDog Productions, Waller, Texas

Your program is very awesome awesome. . .   I'm promoting it in all the CDG karaoke channels.   . . .its exactly what I need. Thank you so much...
Candace Armenti, Digital DJ Karaoke
Welland, Ontario, Canada

I'm very impressed with your product. I want you to know that I'll not be sending my wife flowers on her birthday just so I can have this. Few things in life strike me as that necessary.
Baxter Guilfoyle
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For making books of MP3+Gs on a hard drive, Song List Generator is by far the best and easiest to use songbook maker out there.....(easy! with a capital E!) I love your product!
William Bene'
Pasadena, California

I have over 17,000 tracks and up to now printing books, a necessary evil, was extremely difficult and complex.. Mine wear out in a matter of months doing an average of 5 shows weekly.  Now even my weekly updates are easily handled with Song List Generator!  No more tagging full discs when you only have partials, adding one song at a time , Etc...  No more embarrassing explanations why the song is listed and you don't have it. FINALLY a program that works great, quick and dependable at an affordable price..A truly successful product. Thank You Much!
Stephen Miller, Owner
Greyghost Entertainment, Millertimes Karaoke

I used KJ File Manager for the first time today. It is an extremely intuitive product. It saved me many many hours of aggrevation.
Denise Alaniz
St. Charles, Illinois

Your programs are great! I don't know ANY Computerized DJ/KJ types that wouldn't benefit from your work.  You are the rare person that still believes in good customer service.  Everytime I have contacted you for support, you not only got back to me, you responded in a prompt fashion.  I deal with dozens of karaoke related companies and don't find quality, good old fashioned customer service very often.  You can bet I'll be tooting your horn everytime I get a chance.
Thanks for all you do...
Richard Watkins, R&P Karaoke
Summerville, South Carolina

I have been a DJ/KJ for over 1 year now and have hunted high and low for programs just like this.  The prices of other programs were too expensive for me.  Your programs are the BEST I have found.  Keep up the good work.
DJ/Karaoke Kevin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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