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 Stable Versions
  Karma 2020.7.2  Download  (archived 8-29-2020) - Last version with horizontal scroller
  Karma 2020.2.17  Download  (archived 4-8-2020) - Last version using old data location names
  Karma 2020.1.5  Download  (archived 1-10-2020)
  Karma 2014 Karma 2014.9.1  Download  (archived 9-1-2014) - Last version using XML data model
  Karma 2013 Karma 2013.11.27  Download  (archived 11-27-2013) - oldest activatable version
  KJ File Manager 3.3 KJ File Manager 3.6.3  Download  (archived 1-29-2020)
  KJ File Manager 3.3 KJ File Manager 3.3.11  Download  (archived 4-10-2014)
  Song List Generator 4 Song List Generator 5.1.8 Download  (archived 1-29-2020)
  Song List Generator 4 Song List Generator 4.2.4 Download  (archived 3-15-2014)
 Third party components
  MS DOS Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 runtime SP1 Download  (archived 10-24-2019)
               (needed prior to installing older versions of Karma (before 2021) if you don't have internet access during install)

 Latshaw Systems archive*
  KJ File Manager 3.3 Absolute Media Library 2.3   (archived 7-10-2012)
  Song List Generator 4 Company Directory 2.1  (archived 7-10-2012)
  Song List Generator 4 Mobile Poker Timer for Windows Mobile (archived 7-10-2012)
 Latshaw Software archive*
  MS DOS TriDiE 3.1  (TriBBS directory enhancer) Download  (archived 10-1-1999)
  MS DOS VSM 2.2  (VGA Startup Menu with screen saver) Download  (archived 10-1-1999)

*The software in this archive is not intended to be registered by new users and
is provided as a backup source for existing users or archivists.


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