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Frequently Asked Questions
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I have a new chromebook and when I went to download your program it says it is not compatible with this computer.  Could you assist me to get this running on my new computer? 

Unfortunately, the message was correct.  You need a Windows computer.  Google Chrome is its own operating system and can’t run any of the millions of Windows apps out there.  You need to buy a Windows laptop or something running Windows.  No other way around it.  When you buy a device, the operating system is important.  If you like Windows apps, then you need a Windows computer.  Windows has been around longer and there are far more apps for it.  The choice is yours.  (and no, Microsoft does not pay us to say that.)
I lost my license key.  Where can I find it? You can view your license key(s) at any time by logging into the customer menu here at Karaosoft.com
Can I activate my software without being connected to the internet? No, the internet connection is required to activate, but once you've activated the app, it's no longer required.
When I try to activate my license, I receive an error that the "request has timed out".  What is causing this? This is usually caused by a third party (non-Microsoft) internet security or antivirus software blocking the app from accessing the internet.  Disabling or uninstalling such programs will usually fix the problem.  If you have eliminated all possible third party software and you still get this error, bring up our web site in your browser.  If our web site loads slower than normal, then it's most likely an internet network problem.  Even if other sites appear to load quickly yet ours doesn't, this is actually more proof that it's an internet network problem. These types of malfunctions are usually fixed within a day or two and Internet providers are usually well aware of the problem long before you notice it and are already working to fix it, but if you're in a hurry to get your program activated, connecting to the internet through a different internet provider usually fixes the problem since different networks have different routes between you and our server. 
I'd like to transfer my license from one hard drive to another.  How can I accomplish this without breaking the software license agreement? All of our Windows based products now have a "Remove License" feature on the license activation window (within the app itself).  Once you remove a license from the computer, it will free it up to be activated on another computer (or the same computer after reinstalling windows) .  Moving a license this way does not violate the license agreement.
My computer crashed, and when I try to reinstall and activate on a new machine (or hard drive), I'm informed that my license is already in use.  What do I do in this situation? If a computer that has completely died contained an activated copy of one of our products, you'll need to "reset" the license for that machine by logging into the customer menu here on the web site and going to the "License Maintenance" section.  On that screen, there are instructions for selecting the machine in question and resetting the license.  Users are granted 3 license resets per calendar year.
I ran my progam today and a message came up that "There is a newer version available.  Would you like to install it?"  How do I know if this is a free upgrade or not? Anytime you receive that message, you should always answer "yes" and let the app download and install the latest version.  If you are ever informed in this manner, it will always be a free upgrade.  If we release a major upgrade, and we are charging for the upgrade, you won't receive the message from the app itself, but instead a message from us directly, at which time you can decide if you want to pay to upgrade to the new version.  You are never forced to pay for an upgrade and we will always keep a copy of older versions in our archive as a backup source.
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Song List Generator
KJ File Manager
File Synchronizer
I use one of your products that reads and manipulates large amounts of files, and this process can take a while.  What can I do to speed up this up?  The usual reason for slow processing of a large amount of files is either a slow computer or your third party (non-Microsoft) anti-virus software.  Modern third party anti-virus programs will analyze every file that your computer accesses, and the larger the files, the longer it takes.  MP3 and other audio files average around 5 megabytes each and this is what takes a long time to process a large amount of files.  Most anti-virus apps can be temporarily be turned off while you're processing your files.  Anti-virus apps such as Norton or McAffee can be turned off via right-clicking their icon in the tool tray (next to the clock in the lower right of your screen).  Doing so can increase the speed of the processing by 10 times or more.

Another tip is to keep your hard drive(s) defragmented.  A drive that is significantly fragmented will slow down the processing of files since the drive head has to travel many more times to read files or directories.  To defrag your drive, click the start menu, all programs, accessories, system tools, then "Disk Defragmenter".

Unless you're sharing files with non-Windows computers, we also recommend formatting the drive with the NTFS file system.
KJ File Manager
File Synchronizer
I am using an external drive and files aren't able to be copied, changed or deleted.  How do I resolve this? Since Windows Vista®, security has been tightened and under most scenarios you will manually need to tell Windows that the drive can be accessible by any program.  Click here for information on how to accomplish this.
Karma I get an error that contains the phrase "MEMBER_NOT_FOUND".   How do I resolve this?


I get a series of popups saying this is a demo version.  How do I resolve this?
Both are third party registry conflicts that are fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling.
Karma How do I copy all of my data like playlists, song history, and singer history to another computer? All of your data is stored in the Karaosoft Data folder, which is stored in your documents folder (of the local account that installed Karma).  Copy this folder to the new machine.  It doesn't matter if it's before or after installation, but before is easier because you won't have to worry about overwrite prompts.
Karma It's taking forever to delete a folder from the Media folders setup window.  What gives? Once you have a decent amount of history data, it takes a very long time to delete a folder from the Karma database.  It's a relational database and needs to delete every record in the history table that used a file in that folder. It takes some time and sometimes chokes on it. Once you have some history data, it's never a good idea to delete any folder due to this risk, so plan ahead with that in mind, because your only other option is to delete the Karma database and start your data from scratch.
Karma (2020 or earlier) During installation, I get a message about a control that "failed to register".  How do I resolve this? Go to Window's control panel where you remove apps and remove the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime" (if it's listed as installed), then reinstall Karma.  Always make sure you're connected to the internet during the setup process, as it may need to download other components.
Karma I use Vid2 and Vid3 randomly with different screens across different venues.  Occassionally, Karma will either tell me there is no external display when Windows is reporting that there is, or show Vid2 or Vid3 on when it's not. Karma always saves the last settings for all video output.  Although this is helpful when you're hooking up the same screens to the same ports use after use, it can become a problem when you're suddenly hooked up to different hardware, and cause the Vid2 or Vid3 options to appear on, when in fact they're not routed to any live monitor.  The solution to any problem like this is to first turn off both Vid2 and Vid3, and then turn on which one(s) you need one by one.  Always remember to tell Windows to set any new external displays to an "extended display" before turning them on from Karma.  If you're not sure how to do this, consult Windows help for the proper instructions for your version of Windows.
Karma I installed the latest Karma and it won't run or finish loading without an error.  What now? There are a variety of reasons that could cause this, so here's a list of the steps that will fix any problem.  The list should be followed in order so you don't delete any more data, or do any more work, than you have to.  After each step, attempt to run Karma.  If it still doesn't work, you'll need to progress to the next step:

Step 1:  Read the tips section of the help file and make sure you're following all the recommendations.

Step 2:  Uninstall, reboot, and reinstall Karma (preferrably the latest version).

Step 3:  Delete the "dataShow" file located in the Karma Data folder (located in your documents folder while Karma is not running).  Be aware this will delete the current show data including rotation and playlist.  This does not delete any media data, singers, or history.

Step 4:  Delete the application settings (click here for instructions)

Step 5:  Rename the KDB file (located in the Karaosoft Data folder, which is in your documents folder) to something different like "Old KDB".  The next time you run Karma, this will create a new KDB file and start you from scratch with a blank database, so you will need to rebuild your media list and start from scratch with no singers or histories, but, if this step worked, it's an indication your old data file was corrupted and unusable, so this was a necessary step.  If this step doesn't work, delete the new KDB file and restore the old one to it's original name.

Step 6:  If you have the latest version installed, uninstall Karma and install the last stable version from the archive at karaosoft.com.  Keep going backwards in versions until you get one that loads.  Going backward in version will require you to first uninstall the installed version (you can to this from the "installed apps" section of Windows settings).  You can also attempt to upgrade to the latest version after installing an older version because sometimes the older install will fix a problem in the latest version.  If not, revert back to the version that works for you until we resolve the issue.  Once you you find what the latest version that will run, please contact us to let us know what is the latest version that will run on your machine.  This will help us improve the software.

Step 7:  At this point, it's safe to say that there is some unknown factor that is causing this, but most likely it's something else installed in Windows or a Windows configuration setting.  If you don't want to have your computer looked at by a professional to narrow it down, the only option left is to reinstall Windows, and although this could take an hour or more depending on what you need to reinstall, this does work every time unless there's a hardware problem, in which case, this step will help confirm that. Remove any licenses using the "Remove License" button on the license activation window of any of our products, then reinstall Windows from scratch (making sure to backup any necessary data beforehand.  If using Windows "reset this PC" option, choose to save existing data).  After reloading Windows, go to Windows Update and install all available updates, reboot, then keep going to Windows Update until there are no more updates to install.

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