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Taking control of an external drive under Windows (Vista or later)

Windows, by default, sets the security of external or removable drives very high so that programs that need to rename, edit or delete files are rendered rather useless.  Here are the steps to take control of an external drive so that programs will have the complete control they need:

1.  Click the "Computer" or "My Computer" icon or shortcut on the start menu.  Right click the drive in question and choose "properties"

2.  Choose the "Security" tab at the top.  If you don't see all of the "allow" check boxes checked for the "everyone" user (and you probably won't), click the "edit" button. 

3. After click the edit button, choose the "everyone" account, check the "full control" box in the lower portion.  click "OK" and wait for Windows to apply the permissions to the files on the drive.

That's it.  Windows will now let any program work freely with the files on the drive and also won't confirm operations on the drive.  Advanced users can narrow down the level of access to administrators or specific groups for greater security.  These same steps can also be applied to a specific folder.  Consult your windows documentation for more information. 

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