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 version 2.1
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 Requires IIS 5.0 or later with Microsoft .Net framework 2.0

Web based application for corporations and intranet based businesses that displays company phone directory information and much more.  Four different directories in one application, Employees, Departments, Vendors, and Links.  If your company spends time maintaining and handing out paper list of employees extensions, this app solves the nightmare of maintaining constantly changing lists of employees names and numbers, lists of departments, lists of commonly used vendors and their phone numbers, and even lists of links to company network resources and outside web sites.  Many uses, for example, store recommended local restaurants in the vendors directory, users can click on the address and instantly see a map of its location on maps.google.com to find directions!

- Web based.  Install once and every employee can access via their web browser!
- Saves money on wasted paper directory listings (and good for the environment)
- Save employees time and store everything from client and vendor info to local restaurant numbers (and maps for those business lunches)
- No expensive SQL server license required.  Directory data stored in Microsoft® Access file.
- Password protect management features enables only chosen employees to edit the directory

 Screen Shots 




 Clicking on address links on the vendors screen will take you to Google Maps® showing you the address


Management screens

Edit Employees

Edit Vendors

Edit Links

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